Warehouse Management Software

Deu WareHouse Management Software

Deu WareHouse Management Module will allow you to map your entire warehouse complex in detail, upto storage bin level. Not only do you gain an overview of the entire quantity of a material in the warehouse. You can also always determine exactly where certain material currently is in your warehouse complex. With Deu WMS you can optimize the use of all of your storage bins and warehouse movements, and store material stocks from several plants together in warehouse with random storage.

DEU WMS focuses on the day-to-day needs of warehousing, distribution, transportation, and trucking operations. Our warehouse management system is flexible and cost effective and integrates with leading front-end business systems and provides supply chain visibility.

DEU WMS manages inventory and assets, including anything that can be tagged or barcoded. DEU WMS software solution that can support hundreds of users and process thousands of SKUs throughout the warehouse process.

Our Software will solve your most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory, and omni-channel. DEU WMS is an industry-leading solution that speeds the flow of goods and information for incredibly accurate execution.

DEU WMS designed for a mobile world. It has the right mix of tools and features to empower warehouse managers to streamline operations and increase adaptability, business improvement, and growth.


Key Features

Deu WMS working structure

Working Structure

DEU WMS has been defined to capture all your needs yet we are not limited and customize our software as per your requirements. Below flow chart will help you understand the basic workings on Warehouse Management.